''Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.''

- Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

Healthcare Is In Our Blood

We are a team of healthcare professionals who love what we do. We founded the Health Careers Portal with just one goal: to give each student the chance to experience the joys, rewards and unique opportunities that come with a career in healthcare.

''The NHS will last as long as there's folk with faith left to fight for it.''

- Aneurin Bevan, Founder of the NHS

Our Mission Is You

As a social enterprise, our priority is you. Together, we want to raise student's awareness, aspirations, access to and achieve their dream career in healthcare.

''Health Education England and I are delighted to recognise the Health Careers Portal as a valuable tool to help acquire the key skills for a career in healthcare.''

- Ged Byrne, Director of Global Engagement at Health Education England

Meet The Team

Muhammad attended medical school at the University of Liverpool and is currently a junior doctor and a Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow for NHS England.

Jing attended medical school at Oxford University and Imperial College London and currently a Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow for NHS England.

After receiving degree in Computer science from Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Jovana has worked in some of the most exciting areas of the IT industry. Currently she’s a lead developer on the HCP team.

Nikola is a project and marketing manager for software development and is currently providing consulting services for several startups.

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