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A career in healthcare is competitive. Track your progress in the health skills sought after, earn certification for your work and make your application the best it can be with the Health Careers Portal app.

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Personalised Career Passports

There are over 350 careers in healthcare. Each of them is unique. Individualise your application and stand out from the crowd by focusing on the specific skills sought after using our range of bespoke career passports tailored for your chosen path.

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Rewarding Excellence

Showcase your skill and commitment to a career in healthcare with our unique certification recognised by Health Education England and used in the application process by universities and healthcare trusts across the UK.

Be In Front

Earn Additional Qualifications

Improve your application by earning additional qualifications such as the Extended Project Qualification by using our curriculum mapped passports whilst simultaneously developing your application for a career in healthcare.

Building Trust

At my interview, I demonstrated all my tracked experiences on my passport and how it made me sure I wanted to pursue medicine. They absolutely loved it! Got my first offer for medicine!

Jess Furrows

Year 13 student and successful medical applicant

I used my nursing passport to focus my time on the skills sought after in my personal statement and interview. I was also able to use the passport as part of my Extended Project Qualification. Can’t wait to start my first year.

Hannah Brown

Year 13 student and successful nursing applicant
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